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Visual Basic 6.0 Web API Examples

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(Visual Basic 6.0) Twitter OAuth1 Authorization (3-legged)

Demonstrates 3-legged OAuth1 authorization for Twitter.

Chilkat ActiveX Downloads

ActiveX for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

Dim consumerKey As String
Dim consumerSecret As String

Dim requestTokenUrl As String
requestTokenUrl = ""
Dim authorizeUrl As String
authorizeUrl = ""
Dim accessTokenUrl As String
accessTokenUrl = ""

' The port number is picked at random. It's some unused port that won't likely conflict with anything else..
Dim callbackUrl As String
callbackUrl = "http://localhost:3017/"
Dim callbackLocalPort As Long
callbackLocalPort = 3017

' The 1st step in 3-legged OAuth1.0a is to send a POST to the request token URL to obtain an OAuth Request Token
Dim http As New ChilkatHttp
Dim success As Long

http.OAuth1 = 1
http.OAuthConsumerKey = consumerKey
http.OAuthConsumerSecret = consumerSecret
http.OAuthCallback = callbackUrl

Dim req As New ChilkatHttpRequest
Dim resp As ChilkatHttpResponse
Set resp = http.PostUrlEncoded(requestTokenUrl,req)
If (http.LastMethodSuccess <> 1) Then
    Debug.Print http.LastErrorText
    Exit Sub
End If

' If successful, the resp.BodyStr contains something like this:  
' oauth_token=-Wa_KwAAAAAAxfEPAAABV8Qar4Q&oauth_token_secret=OfHY4tZBX2HK4f7yIw76WYdvnl99MVGB&oauth_callback_confirmed=true
Debug.Print resp.BodyStr

Dim hashTab As New ChilkatHashtable
success = hashTab.AddQueryParams(resp.BodyStr)

Dim requestToken As String
requestToken = hashTab.LookupStr("oauth_token")
Dim requestTokenSecret As String
requestTokenSecret = hashTab.LookupStr("oauth_token_secret")
http.OAuthTokenSecret = requestTokenSecret

Debug.Print "oauth_token = " & requestToken
Debug.Print "oauth_token_secret = " & requestTokenSecret

' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
' The next step is to form a URL to send to the authorizeUrl
' This is an HTTP GET that we load into a popup browser.
Dim sbUrlForBrowser As New ChilkatStringBuilder
success = sbUrlForBrowser.Append(authorizeUrl)
success = sbUrlForBrowser.Append("?oauth_token=")
success = sbUrlForBrowser.Append(requestToken)
Dim urlForBrowser As String
urlForBrowser = sbUrlForBrowser.GetAsString()

' When the urlForBrowser is loaded into a browser, the response from Twitter will redirect back to localhost:3017
' We'll need to start a socket that is listening on port 3017 for the callback from the browser.
Dim listenSock As New ChilkatSocket

Dim backLog As Long
backLog = 5
success = listenSock.BindAndListen(callbackLocalPort,backLog)
If (success <> 1) Then
    Debug.Print listenSock.LastErrorText
    Exit Sub
End If

' Wait for the browser's connection in a background thread.
' (We'll send load the URL into the browser following this..)
' Wait a max of 60 seconds before giving up.
Dim maxWaitMs As Long
maxWaitMs = 60000
Dim task As ChilkatTask
Set task = listenSock.AcceptNextConnectionAsync(maxWaitMs)
success = task.Run()

'  At this point, your application should load the URL in a browser.
'  For example,
'  in C#:  System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(urlForBrowser);
'  in Java: Desktop.getDesktop().browse(new URI(urlForBrowser));
'  in VBScript: Set wsh=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
'               wsh.Run urlForBrowser
'  The Twitter account owner would interactively accept or deny the authorization request.

'  Add the code to load the url in a web browser here...
'  Add the code to load the url in a web browser here...
'  Add the code to load the url in a web browser here...
' System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(urlForBrowser);

' Wait for the listenSock's task to complete.
success = task.Wait(maxWaitMs)
If (Not success Or (task.StatusInt <> 7) Or (task.TaskSuccess <> 1)) Then
    If (Not success) Then
        ' The task.LastErrorText applies to the Wait method call.
        Debug.Print task.LastErrorText
        ' The ResultErrorText applies to the underlying task method call (i.e. the AcceptNextConnection)
        Debug.Print task.Status
        Debug.Print task.ResultErrorText
    End If

    Exit Sub
End If

' If we get to this point, the connection from the browser arrived and was accepted.

' We no longer need the listen socket...
' Stop listening on port 3017.
success = listenSock.Close(10)

' First get the connected socket.
Dim sock As New ChilkatSocket
success = sock.LoadTaskResult(task)

' Read the start line of the request..
Dim startLine As String
startLine = sock.ReceiveUntilMatch(vbCrLf)
If (sock.LastMethodSuccess <> 1) Then
    Debug.Print sock.LastErrorText
    Exit Sub
End If

' Read the request header.
Dim requestHeader As String
requestHeader = sock.ReceiveUntilMatch(vbCrLf & vbCrLf)
If (sock.LastMethodSuccess <> 1) Then
    Debug.Print sock.LastErrorText
    Exit Sub
End If

' The browser SHOULD be sending us a GET request, and therefore there is no body to the request.
' Once the request header is received, we have all of it.
' We can now send our HTTP response.
Dim sbResponseHtml As New ChilkatStringBuilder
success = sbResponseHtml.Append("<html><body><p>Chilkat thanks you!</b></body</html>")

Dim sbResponse As New ChilkatStringBuilder
success = sbResponse.Append("HTTP/1.1 200 OK" & vbCrLf)
success = sbResponse.Append("Content-Length: ")
success = sbResponse.AppendInt(sbResponseHtml.Length)
success = sbResponse.Append(vbCrLf)
success = sbResponse.Append("Content-Type: text/html" & vbCrLf)
success = sbResponse.Append(vbCrLf)
success = sbResponse.AppendSb(sbResponseHtml)

success = sock.SendString(sbResponse.GetAsString())
success = sock.Close(50)

' The information we need is in the startLine.
' For example, the startLine will look like this:
'  GET /?oauth_token=abcdRQAAZZAAxfBBAAABVabcd_k&oauth_verifier=9rdOq5abcdCe6cn8M3jabcdj3Eabcd HTTP/1.1
Dim sbStartLine As New ChilkatStringBuilder
success = sbStartLine.Append(startLine)
Dim numReplacements As Long
numReplacements = sbStartLine.Replace("GET /?","")
numReplacements = sbStartLine.Replace(" HTTP/1.1","")
success = sbStartLine.Trim()

' oauth_token=abcdRQAAZZAAxfBBAAABVabcd_k&oauth_verifier=9rdOq5abcdCe6cn8M3jabcdj3Eabcd
Debug.Print "startline: " & sbStartLine.GetAsString()

success = hashTab.AddQueryParams(sbStartLine.GetAsString())

requestToken = hashTab.LookupStr("oauth_token")
Dim authVerifier As String
authVerifier = hashTab.LookupStr("oauth_verifier")

' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' Finally , we must exchange the OAuth Request Token for an OAuth Access Token.

http.OAuthToken = requestToken
http.OAuthVerifier = authVerifier
Set resp = http.PostUrlEncoded(accessTokenUrl,req)
If (http.LastMethodSuccess <> 1) Then
    Debug.Print http.LastErrorText
    Exit Sub
End If

' Make sure a successful response was received.
If (resp.StatusCode <> 200) Then
    Debug.Print resp.StatusLine
    Debug.Print resp.Header
    Debug.Print resp.BodyStr
    Exit Sub
End If

' If successful, the resp.BodyStr contains something like this:
' oauth_token=85123455-fF41296Bi3daM8eCo9Y5vZabcdxXpRv864plYPOjr&oauth_token_secret=afiYJOgabcdSfGae7BDvJVVTwys8fUGpra5guZxbmFBZo&user_id=85612355&screen_name=chilkatsoft&x_auth_expires=0
Debug.Print resp.BodyStr

success = hashTab.AddQueryParams(resp.BodyStr)

Dim accessToken As String
accessToken = hashTab.LookupStr("oauth_token")
Dim accessTokenSecret As String
accessTokenSecret = hashTab.LookupStr("oauth_token_secret")
Dim userId As String
userId = hashTab.LookupStr("user_id")
Dim screenName As String
screenName = hashTab.LookupStr("screen_name")

' The access token + secret is what should be saved and used for
' subsequent REST API calls.
Debug.Print "Access Token = " & accessToken
Debug.Print "Access Token Secret = " & accessTokenSecret
Debug.Print "user_id = " & userId
Debug.Print "screen_name  = " & screenName

' Save this access token for future calls.
' Just in case we need user_id and screen_name, save those also..
Dim json As New ChilkatJsonObject
success = json.AppendString("oauth_token",accessToken)
success = json.AppendString("oauth_token_secret",accessTokenSecret)
success = json.AppendString("user_id",userId)
success = json.AppendString("screen_name",screenName)

Dim fac As New CkFileAccess
success = fac.WriteEntireTextFile("qa_data/tokens/twitter.json",json.Emit(),"utf-8",0)

Debug.Print "Success."


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