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Classic ASP Web API Examples

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(Classic ASP) PayPal - Cancel Sent Invoice

Cancels a sent invoice, by ID, and, optionally, sends a notification about the cancellation to the payer, merchant, and Cc: emails.

Note: This example requires Chilkat v9.5.0.65 or greater.

Chilkat ActiveX Downloads

ActiveX for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
' Note: Requires Chilkat v9.5.0.65 or greater.

' This requires the Chilkat API to have been previously unlocked.
' See Global Unlock Sample for sample code.

' Load our previously obtained access token. (see PayPal OAuth2 Access Token)
set jsonToken = Server.CreateObject("Chilkat_9_5_0.JsonObject")
success = jsonToken.LoadFile("qa_data/tokens/paypal.json")

' Build the Authorization request header field value.
set sbAuth = Server.CreateObject("Chilkat_9_5_0.StringBuilder")
' token_type should be "Bearer"
success = sbAuth.Append(jsonToken.StringOf("token_type"))
success = sbAuth.Append(" ")
success = sbAuth.Append(jsonToken.StringOf("access_token"))

' Make the initial connection.
' A single REST object, once connected, can be used for many PayPal REST API calls.
' The auto-reconnect indicates that if the already-established HTTPS connection is closed,
' then it will be automatically re-established as needed.
set rest = Server.CreateObject("Chilkat_9_5_0.Rest")
bAutoReconnect = 1
success = rest.Connect("",443,1,bAutoReconnect)
If (success <> 1) Then
    Response.Write "<pre>" & Server.HTMLEncode( rest.LastErrorText) & "</pre>"
End If

' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' The code above this comment could be placed inside a function/subroutine within the application
' because the connection does not need to be made for every request.  Once the connection is made
' the app may send many requests..
' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

' Build the JSON request body containing the reminder information:
set json = Server.CreateObject("Chilkat_9_5_0.JsonObject")
json.EmitCompact = 0
success = json.UpdateString("subject","Past due")
success = json.UpdateString("note","Canceling invoice")
success = json.UpdateBool("send_to_merchant",1)
success = json.UpdateBool("send_to_payer",1)
Response.Write "<pre>" & Server.HTMLEncode( json.Emit()) & "</pre>"

' The JSON created by the above code:

' 	{ 
' 	  "subject": "Past due",
' 	  "note": "Canceling invoice",
' 	  "send_to_merchant": true,
' 	  "send_to_payer": true
' 	}

' Build a path using a previously-sent invoice ID.
set sbPath = Server.CreateObject("Chilkat_9_5_0.StringBuilder")
success = sbPath.Append("/v1/invoicing/invoices/invoice_id/cancel")
numReplacements = sbPath.Replace("invoice_id","INV2-XPWZ-NUTQ-LNWB-P8NC")

json.EmitCompact = 1
set sbRequestBody = Server.CreateObject("Chilkat_9_5_0.StringBuilder")
set sbResponseBody = Server.CreateObject("Chilkat_9_5_0.StringBuilder")

success = rest.AddHeader("Content-Type","application/json")
success = rest.AddHeader("Authorization",sbAuth.GetAsString())
success = json.EmitSb(sbRequestBody)

success = rest.FullRequestSb("POST",sbPath.GetAsString(),sbRequestBody,sbResponseBody)
If (success <> 1) Then
    Response.Write "<pre>" & Server.HTMLEncode( rest.LastErrorText) & "</pre>"
End If

Response.Write "<pre>" & Server.HTMLEncode( "Response Status Code = " & rest.ResponseStatusCode) & "</pre>"

' In our testing, we received a 204 response, which is a success HTTP response code, but 
' differs from the PayPal REST API reference documentation, which states that a 202 response
' is expected.  I suspect an error in the PayPal documentation, or in the PayPal responder.
' Check for either 202 or 204..
' Did we get a 202 accepted response?
If ((rest.ResponseStatusCode <> 202) And (rest.ResponseStatusCode <> 204)) Then
    Response.Write "<pre>" & Server.HTMLEncode( sbResponseBody.GetAsString()) & "</pre>"
    Response.Write "<pre>" & Server.HTMLEncode( "Failed.") & "</pre>"
End If

' The 202/204 response should be empty.  (Again, our experience differs from the online PayPal documentation..)
Response.Write "<pre>" & Server.HTMLEncode( "Success.") & "</pre>"



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